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On May 23, 2022, an Awards Ceremony for the Village of Maybrook Police Department was held at the Maybrook Board of Trustees Meeting. This is the first year the Village of Maybrook has recognized exceptional acts and perfect timing as last week was “National Police Week” (observed May 11th to 17th). Village of Maybrook Chief Arnold “Butch” Amthor implimented the Award Ceremony this year to recognize Village of Maybrook Police Officers who go above and beyond the call of duty for our village. Going forward, the village will host this ceremony on a yearly basis on, or around National Police Week to honor our officer’s efforts throughout the year.
This year, the following officer’s received awards:
Detective Matt Hughes – Medal of Valor, Lifesaving and 10+ years of Law Enforcement Service.
Officer John Erps- Meritorious Police Duty and Excellent Police Duty.
Sergeant Michael Maresca- Meritorious Police Duty and 15 Years of Service.
Officer Arthur Bongiorno- Lifesaving.
Detective Chip Lahar- Meritorious Police Duty and 15 years of overall Law Enforcement.
Officer Michael Reilly- 20 Years of Service in the Village of Maybrook.
Officer Timothy Toomey- 30 Years of overall Law Enforcement Service.
Officer Peter Fredericks- 25 Years of overall Law Enforcement Service.
Sergeant Dennis Barnett- 25 Years of overall Law Enforcement Service.
Congratulations to this year’s award recipients and thank you for your service and dedication to the Village of Maybrook.
Mayor Dennis K. Leahy
Deputy Mayor Robert Pritchard
Trustee Kevin Greany
Trustee James Barnett
Trustee Daryl Capozzoli

On Thursday, May 19th, the Orange County Chamber of Commerce hosted a “Ribbon Cutting” at their new office located in the Village of Maybrook at 924 Homestead Ave ( Old Blake House). I attended the ceremony and welcomed President and CEO Heather Bell and her staff to our village. I also welcomed Devil Dog’s Decking, the YIT Foundation and MD Property Preservation, Inc. I’m delighted to have these businesses in our village and look forward to welcoming more in the not-too-distant future. A little rain came after the ceremonies however it was well attended and very nice to meet so many people who notice the positive changes taking place in our village!
Mayor Dennis K. Leahy
The Maybrook Kiwanis Club wishes to thank everyone who came out this evening for their support of our “Pasta Dinner”! It was a huge success and spread the word because we will be hosting another next year!
The Maybrook Kiwanis Club President Tina Johnson wishes to thank “At Your Service by Christine” for a wonderful pasta dinner! Steve and Nicole from Little Pops Pizza for donating the meatballs and Cindy from “Lords Florist” for the lovely table centerpieces!
Thank you for your support!
The young men and women of the Maybrook Troop 236 Scout Band performing in Rhode Island!
They also performed the Marine Corps Hymn for the men and women of the United Sates Marine Corp who were in attendance as well.

Thank you to all of the wonderful organizations who made this event possible! We hope everyone enjoyed our Easter Egg Drive Thru!
Wishing all a Healthy and Happy Easter🐰
Disinfecting wipes and other items should be properly disposed of in the trash, not the toilet. These wipes and other items do not break down in sewer or septic systems and can damage your home’s internal plumbing as well as local wastewater collection systems. This past week we had a sewer line blocked behind the 400 block on Homestead Ave.
This is what caused the blockage. Please be mindful of what you flush down your toilet! Thank you.
Mayor Dennis Leahy
Spring is here and the Village of Maybrook Department of Public Works has started clean up. Please help out by putting trash in the garbage cans where it belongs!
Thank you!
The Village of Maybrook was well represented at the St. Pat’s Ramble Parade held in the Village of Montgomery Saturday, March 19th! Thank you to all who marched in the Maybrook section of the parade! The Village of Maybrook Mayor Dennis Leahy, Deputy Mayor Robert Pritchard, Trustee Kevin Greany, Trustee Jim Barnett, Trustee Daryl Capozzoli, the Maybrook Police Department, Hope Not Handcuffs, the Maybrook VFW Post 2064, the Regular Peoples Baptist Church and the Maybrook Fire Department!

·        Many families who have attended our Village of Maybrook Bike Rodeo sponsored by our Maybrook Police Department recognize this individual because he volunteered his services to the village to assist in promoting bicycle safety. Injury Prevention Coordinator John Nowinski from Garnett Health has worked with Maybrook Police Sargent Michael Maresca and provides free bicycle helmets to all the children attending the event. John has young children of his own and knows the importance of bike safety and the prevention of head injuries. The Village Board Board of Trustees appreciate and thank him for his assistance in promoting Bike safety to the children of our village.
Spring is in the air!🍀
The Maybrook Troop 236 Scout Band kicked off the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Season in Wappingers Falls on Saturday!
We are all proud of these young men and women who represent our village performing in many communities across the state!
Mark your Calendar’s!
They will be performing locally when they will be leading the Village of Maybrook section of the St. Pat’s Ramble Parade held on Saturday, March 19th in the Village of Montgomery!
On Monday, February 14, 2022, Maybrook Mayor Leahy and the Village of Maybrook Board of Trustees presented Trustee Kevin Greany with an award for his 20 years of service to the Village of Maybrook as an elected official. Congratulations Trustee Kevin Greany!
Senior Discount for Sanitation Service
 *Seniors in the Village of Maybrook, 65 or older are entitled to a $30 discount for Sanitation Service. Fill out an application Senior Discount Application for Sanitation Service and submit it to the Village of Maybrook Clerk/Treasurer Tina Johnson. Any questions call 845-427-2717 ext. 201.
Our friends at the Montgomery Shoprite have supported all of our village events over the years. The Montgomery Shoprite Manager Jason Knudsen has been in this location for the past 5 years. He was recently assigned to the Chester Shoprite and we wish him well.
The Village of Maybrook Mayor Dennis Leahy presented Jason Knudsen with plaque from the Village of Maybrook Board of Trustees for his support of our community.
Thank you Jason and we wish you all the best in future endeavors!

Whether you expect to be here for a short time or for the rest of your life, we hope you find the Village of Maybrook to be a friendly, caring and supportive community where everyone is received warmly. Over the years we have gained an even greater appreciation for our community and its spirit. The community we have does not happen by accident. Positive accomplishments are realized by the constant efforts of your Village Board, community organizations, residents and village employees. Together we will continue to make Maybrook a better place to live, work and play. Our Village of Maybrook Website was created to improve communication and to inform residents of current events. Please visit and “LIKE” our Village of Maybrook Facebook and Instagram pages as well!


Mayor Dennis K. Leahy