Troop 236 Boy Scouts & Marching Band

The Maybrook Troop 236 Boy Scouts welcome any new members interested in joining the troop. The Maybrook Troop 236 Boy Scouts is an organization that strives to give young men and women the knowledge, skills and life lessons that will help them mature and succeed as they become adults. The organization offers boys and girls a variety of benefits, including friendship, education, leadership opportunities and the chance to grow and thrive in a healthy, rewarding environment.

The Maybrook Troop 236 Boy Scouts is also famous throughout New York State and the northeast for their award winning marching band! They have performed in Washington D.C., Disney (Florida), Sandusky, Ohio, the New York City St. Patricks Day Parade and many more!

Boys ages 11 – 13 and Girls 14 – 16 are welcome to join!

If your interested, contact Jim Barnett at 845-427-2049