Village of Maybrook Police




The Village of Maybrook Police urges citizens to lock your vehicle and house doors at all times. When talking with citizens they often state they don’t feel they have to lock their doors living in the suburbs. The sad reality is that no place is exempt from crime.  If you’re in the minority of people who feel they shouldn’t lock their doors we urge you to please reconsider.  The opportunity for crime can be deterred by doing a few simple things besides just locking your doors. One way would be to keep items of value out of your car or at the very least out of plain view. While most cars that are rummaged through are ones that are left unlocked, don’t put it past a criminal to actually force their way into a vehicle if they see something worth their while.  The best way to prevent this, of course, is by simply leaving any items of value out of your car all together.


Another way to help deter criminals from choosing your house or car is to keep the area of your premise well lit, as lit areas are less likely to be chosen for criminal activity. You will also be more of a target if you live in a more private area that has quick access to exits such as being close to a wooded area. If your premise situation is as such you cannot help this factor, but it is more imperative that you take an aggressive approach such as lighting up your surroundings. Spreading the word to your neighbors to lock their doors will also help deter thieves. Word of mouth could also reach the local thieves as they will begin to realize that citizens are learning to lock their doors and perhaps are even on the lookout thus deterring them from even trying. There are more extreme measures that could be taken as well such as setting up a camera on your premise. This works because thieves will either see the camera and think twice of their actions or if they still go through with the illegal activity authorities will have a lead from which to work from.


While reducing opportunity does not displace or omit crime all together it is believed that by reducing these opportunities we can make it less inviting for the thieves, which in theory will reduce crime.


We encourage residents to get involved, if YOU see something, SAY something! Emergencies dial 911, for non-emergencies dial 845-427-2226.


Working together we can keep our community safe!

Maybrook Police Chief Arnold “Butch” Amthor