Maybrook Golden Links

Maybrook Golden Links Senior Citizens Club

On May 26, 1977, the Coldenham-Maybrook Golden Links Club, Inc., now known as the Maybrook Golden Links Senior Citizen Club was incorporated.

It all began when three women from the Coldenham area of the Town of Montgomery, New York, Genevieve Trainor, Marie Nagel and Mary Fischliner, each wishing to provide an organization for town senior citizens to gather together and socialize, formed the Coldenham-Maybrook Golden Links Club Inc. They quickly discovered, however, that there did not exist a proper place in Coldenham for them to meet on a regular basis. In as much as they were quite eager to succed, they ventured into Maybrook, engaged a few friends who joined them and soon begam conducting weekly meetings at the Dusenberry- Flannery VFW Post 2064, whose membership welcomed them. Because the VFW Post could only accomodate their meetings at night, many of the seniors were not able to attend. Around 1980, the Church of the Assumption allowed the Maybrook Golden Links to use the lower meeting room in the church. This allowed the Maybrook Golden Links to have meetings on Wednesday afternoons and a more convienient time to meet for the members.

In 2008, Mayor Ron Herman and the Village of Maybrook Board of Trustees applied for a Community Development Block Grant to construct and provide permanent location for the Maybrook Golden Links to meet in the village. On March 7, 2008, the Maybrook Senior Center/ Community Center was dedicated in the Village of Maybrook. Today, the Golden Links Club has over 100 members, over 55 years of age, meeting each week, enjoying fellowships, trips, “Goodie Days”, socializing, participating in community services and various programs designed to inform members on important current and long lasting friendships.

Anyone over the age of 55 and interested in becoming a member of the Maybrook Golden Links may do so by contacting the President of the Maybrook Golden Links, Mrs. Marie Lown at 845-427-5434.